Why put up with signs of aging?

Esthélis / Fortelis gives you the opportunity to get rid of your wrinkles, creases and facial lines in just 30 minutes. No surgery required and no prolonged social isolation… At the end of the session you can immediately return to your normal social and professional life!


Even for men

Skin care and attention to image - this is a personal routine that is part of a quest for improved looks and well-being. The social pressures of today impose the same uncompromising rules governing the appearances of men as well as women.

Esthélis is adapted to the specific requirements of both women and men allowing male clients the chance to enhance their natural charm and expression.

A Natural Product

  1. A component that is naturally produced by the skin

    Hyaluronic acid is a component that is naturally produced by the skin. With the years our skin produces less hyaluronic acid, which is the result of normal aging process. Your skin becomes thinner and as a result, it becomes loose and starts to wrinkle. This reduction in skin volume can make your face look thin and narrow, possibly making you appear older than you are.

    Esthélis products contain hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring component of the skin and is the key factor of young looking skin. Your skin will immediately integrate Esthélis since your body recognizes it as a natural component.

  2. Naturally safe

    Because Esthélis is made of a naturally occurring component, it is perfectly bio-compatible, fully bio-degradable and highly safe to use. With Esthélis there are minimal risks of allergic reactions or other side-effects.

  3. Natural and long-lasting

    All those undergoing treatment using Esthélis comment on the immediate and natural "lifting effect". Wrinkles simply disappear without transforming and "freezing" your face or your natural facial expressions.

    These results are also long lasting: the natural origin of Esthélis means it is gradually re-absorbed by the skin after a period of 9 to 12 months.

Works on your Face

  1. What are your beauty objectives?

    Do you want to get rid of your peri-oral lines or diminish peri-orbital or forehead wrinkles?

    Do you wish to highlight and better define the contours of your lips or would you prefer to increase the volume of your lips and cheekbones? Do you dream of concealing wrinkles and facial depressions?

    Whatever your beauty objectives, the range of Esthélis products always offers the best solutions.

    Your friends and professional colleagues will wonder what your secret of happiness, beauty and peak form is...

  2. Esthélis offers you so much more…

    Thanks to the breadth of the Esthélis product range they are able to meet your specific beauty needs

    • lip volume enhancement
    • redefining the contours of your lips
    • facial outlines
    • naso-labial furrows
    • glabellar lines
    • peri-oral wrinkles
    • lip commissures

    Esthélis / Fortelisis also perfectly adapted for the correction of facial depressions either age–related or due to injury (scars...).


  1. When can I ask my practitioner to perform a treatment using Esthélis?
    As soon as you see that the wrinkles, folds or the indentations on your face start to become too visible or as soon as you think that you need to enhance your natural beauty it is time to consult your practitioner about Esthélis.

  2. What type of practitioner should I ask for to benefit from an Esthélis treatment?
    Esthélis products are designed to be used by a legally approved practitioner in the respect of a specific protocol for your own safety. Subject to the legislation in your country of residence, these are primarily aesthetic medical practitioners, dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

  3. How are Esthélis treatments performed?
    During the session which lasts for about 30 minutes the practitioner will inject Esthélis superficially into your skin, specifically into the areas to be treated: naso-labial folds, lips, smile lines or worry lines, depressions or scars…That’s all!

  4. Is this treatment painful?
    Esthélis products have been designed to reduce treatment pain and patient discomfort. Your practitioner will, in addition, ask you about your sensitivity to pain. Depending on the answer, he or she may propose the use of a local anesthetic.  However in most cases a local anesthetic is not necessary.

  5. How long will it be before I am able to see the results? How long will they last? How often should Esthélis injection sessions be performed?
    You will immediately notice a distinct result in the area treated. Increase of lips volume, enhancement of your lip's contour, disappearance of wrinkles, filling in of deep folds or depressions…in about 30 minutes you gain 10 years. Your beauty objectives are achieved, in the most natural and smoothest way possible, Esthélis treatment results last for a long period (between 9 and 12 months).

  6. What are the possible side effects of this type of treatment using Esthélis?
    Esthélis products are made with a component that naturally occurs in human skin.  Since its launch no allergies or other side-effects have been reported by practitioners.  At the end of the session you are able to immediately return to your regular social and professional life without having to suffer from prolonged social isolation.

"*I was very pleased with the experience in the office. The staff are all very professional and friendly. My results are amazing. I would definitely come back to the clinic."

Recapture the Beauty of Self-Confidence

Should you have any questions not answered here, or if you would like more information before booking your consultation, contact us today! We'd always love to hear from you!