Bellafill Injectables

Bellafill® Injections Exclusive to The Hamilton Plastic Surgery Centre.

The Science Behind the Beauty. In the world of injectables, BellaFill is distinctive.

In addition to immediately plumping wrinkles known as smile lines, BellaFill helps re-create the firmer structure of younger looking skin.


Look younger. Naturally.

Each BellaFill injection is a mixture of bovine collagen, which provides immediate support; and biocompatible microspheres, which provide lasting support. These microspheres have been used in medical applications for over 60 years. They create a microscopic "matrix" to support your body's own natural collagen and ultimately strengthen the layers that support the skin. This provides the support your skin needs for wrinkle correction and younger looking skin. Which means results that last.

Filler enhancement that makes economic sense.

You already know that injectable fillers can instantly correct lines and wrinkles to create a more youthful appearance. What if, instead of just filling, you could actually restore? BellaFill is your answer.


"*Keep up the amazing work-you really do make dreams come true."

Recapture the Beauty of Self-Confidence

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